Milk Frothers

Milk Frothers

With the rise in popularity of different coffee drinks, such as cappuccino, lots of people desire to make these beverages in the house. One tool typically used in making such a beverage is a milk frother. Lots of coffee beverages have a nice foamy topping of frothed milk, which is produced by aerating warmed milk and integrating it with the coffee. Typical designs include hand-pump ranges, motorized whisks, and small devices that can warm and froth the milk at the same time.

Basic Function

Each milk frother normally does the same standard thing: it aerates the milk by rapidly agitating it to present as much air as possible. This creates bubbles within the milk that makes a light texture and considerably enhances its volume. The outcome is a foamy mix that assists cut through some of the thick, sharp flavor of strong coffee frequently made use of in coffees and similar drinks.

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