How to Brew Coffee Manually

How to Brew Coffee Manually


Brewing coffee manually

How to Brew Coffee Manually

Let’s say you wanted to create your favorite gourmet coffee such as hazelnut coffee. Your question is, “How do I make the best coffee without a coffee maker?” Well, while millions of Americans do utilize a coffee maker, you’re going to learn how to manually create your own cup of Joe.


What You Need to Get Started


Roasted Coffee Beans


You’ll start off by getting yourself freshly roasted coffee beans. To ensure you get the finest tasting coffee, make sure the bean quality you buy is good. We all know that the best coffee is high grade. In addition, it’s best to consume roasted coffee within 2 weeks. This way you’ll have a fresh cup of it. As well you can visit your local specialty coffee roaster or use the Web to find a delivery service.


Manual Coffee Grinder


Next up you’ll need a manual coffee grinder. This device or tool will allow you to grind up your coffee beans. The result of that bean grinding will create coffee grounds (or ground coffee). Coffee grounds is simply crushed coffee beans. As you may know from crushing coffee beans in a grinder, the bean’s aroma will fill the air for about 15-20 minutes.


Two quality coffee grinders you can purchase include the Porlex Mini and Hario Mill. They are two good consistent grinders that are small.


Hot Water


Hot water matters. Ideally brewing your coffee in 195-205 degree temperature is right. The temperature won’t char the coffee grounds and will instead release both the aromatics and flavor. If you brew below the aforementioned temperature, you will experience a sour taste from your coffee because it has been under-extracted.


Now all you have to do is boil your water and let it stand for 30 seconds. You don’t need to utilize a thermometer unless you want to.




Normally you would utilize a coffee filter but in this case you can use a handkerchief. You get a mug or container and place a handkerchief over it. Then you pour your coffee grounds evenly over the handkerchief. Once you do that, you’re going to pour some hot water over the coffee grounds that you placed on top of the handkerchief. Thus the handkerchief will filter out your coffee.


Elastic Band or Paper Clips


You’ll simply have an elastic band or paper clips to keep the handkerchief in place. It keeps the handkerchief in place so that you can pour both the ground coffee & boiling water over the mug.


A Large Mug


This mug will serve as the container that you place your coffee into. You want to be able to drink your coffee don’t you?


How to Brew Your Coffee


Step 1: Take your handkerchief and fold it into a small square. This will serve as a makeshift pour-over. A pour over is simply an old school technique that funnels coffee into a mug in a way that better preserves the flavor/aroma.


Step 2: Place your paperclips or elastic band on your handkerchief. Simply put, attach your handkerchief filter to a cup using either of the two.


Step 3: Take your coffee grinder and grind the beans until they look like sand.


Step 4: By looking at the marked measurement on your grinder, you decide the right amount of coffee you want to make. Is it 1 cup? 2 cups? Your grinder should have measurements on it.


Step 5: Now put the ground coffee in the middle of your handkerchief (filter). Even the grounds out by shaking it to equal proportions.


Step 6: Boil water (2 cups maybe depending on how much coffee you’re making). Once heated, turn off the heat and let it sit for 30 seconds. Then wet the grounds with a small bit of water and let it sit for 30 seconds. Then pour half of the remainder of water over it across a 30 second time span. Finally, put the rest of the water in. This should take 2 minutes to complete.


Step 7: Take off the clips or elastic band and handkerchief. Do this as quickly as the water goes through the ground coffee and that’s it. You now have made your first manual cup of coffee.


In conclusion, you’ve just learned how to make your own coffee without a coffee maker. Happy drinking! 

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